ALMOST WON THE BET (a funny story)


Two Irish hod-carriers were arguing about their ability to carry their hods safely to the top of a high building. One said he could carry a tumbler of water on top of his load without spilling a drop. And Pat said, “Ach! a tumbler of water! Why, Mike, I could carry you in my hod to the top of this ten-story buildin’ without spillin’ you.” And Mike said, “I bet you tin dollars you can’t.” “Done!” said Pat. “Get into my hod.”

Mike got in, and up Pat went quickly and safely until he came to the sixth floor, when all of a sudden his foot slipped off the rung of the ladder and his hod pitched, threatening to deposit its cargo on the sidewalk seventy-five feet below. But with a mighty effort he steadied himself, grasped his hod tight and proceeded to the top safely, where he deposited Mike on the floor of the scaffolding with, “There, Mike, I’ve won the bet. Out wid yer tin dollars.” “Sure, ye did, Pat,” said Mike, “the tin is yours, but whin ye got to the sixth flure, an’ stoombled—be gob, I thought I had ye!”


tin = ten

out wid yer tin dollars = out with your ten dollars

the tin is yours = the ten (dollars) is yours

whin ye got to the sixth flure = when you got to the sixth floor

an’ stoombled = and stumbled 

I thought I had ye = I thought I had you!


Красивого вам английского!

Дмитрий Коропенко

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