THE USE OF RICHES – a funny story


In a sleeping car one morning not long ago a Vermont man was accosted by his neighbor opposite, who was putting on his shoes, with the inquiry: “My friend, allow me to inquire, are you a rich man?” The Vermonter looked astonished, but answered the pleasant-faced, tired-looking gentleman with a “Yes, I am tolerably rich.” A pause occurred, and then came another question, “How rich are you?” He answered, “Oh – about seven or eight hundred thousand. Why?” “Well,” said the weary-looking old man, “if I were as rich as you say you are, and went traveling, and snored as loud as I know you do, I’d hire a whole sleeper all for myself every time I went traveling.”


man was accosted by his neighbor opposite = the neighbour opposite addressed the man (greeted him)


Красивого вам английского!

Дмитрий Коропенко


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