ABANDON – синонимы и антонимы


Синонимы к слову abandon:

abdicate, desert, leave, resign,
abjure, discontinue, quit, retire from,
cast off, forego, recant, retract,
cease, forsake, relinquish, surrender,
cede, forswear, renounce, vacate,
depart from, give up, repudiate, withdraw from

Краткое пояснение:

Abandon is a word of wide signification, applying to persons or things of any kind; abdicate and resign apply to office, authority, or power; cede to territorial possessions; surrender especially to military force, and more generally to any demand, claim, passion, etc. Quit carries an idea of suddenness or abruptness not necessarily implied in abandon, and may not have the same suggestion of finality. The king abdicates his throne, cedes his territory, deserts his followers, renounces his religion, relinquishes his titles, abandons his designs. A cowardly officer deserts his ship; the helpless passengers abandon it. We quit business, give up property, resign office,abandon a habit or a trust. Relinquish commonly implies reluctance; the fainting hand relinquishes its grasp; the creditor relinquishes his claim. Abandon implies previous association with responsibility for or control of;forsake implies previous association with inclination or attachment, real or assumed; a man may abandon orforsake house or friends; he abandons an enterprise; forsakes God. Abandon is applied to both good and evil action; a thief abandons his designs, a man his principles. Forsake, like abandon, may be used either in the favorable or unfavorable sense; desert is always unfavorable, involving a breach of duty, except when used of mere localities; as, “the Deserted Village.” While a monarch abdicates, a president or other elected or appointed officer resigns. It was held that James II. abdicated his throne by deserting it.

Антонимы к слову abandon:

adopt, defend, occupy, seek,
advocate, favor, prosecute, support,
assert, haunt, protect, undertake,
cherish, hold, pursue, uphold,
claim, keep, retain, vindicate.
court, maintain


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