ABATE – синонимы и антонимы


Синонимы к глаголу ABATE:

decline, ebb, mitigate, reduce,
decrease, lessen, moderate, subside
diminish, lower.

Краткое пояснение:

The storm, the fever, the pain abates. Interest declines. Misfortunes may be mitigated, desires moderated, intense ange abated, population decreased, taxes reduced. We abate a nuisance, terminate a controversy, suppress a rebellion.

Антонимы к глаголу ABATE:

aggravate, enhance, foment, rage,
amplify, enlarge, increase, raise,
continue, extend, magnify, revive,

Правильные предлоги с глаголом ABATE:

Abate in fury; abated by law.


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