Примеры вопросов в секции Reading в новом тесте SAT


в этой маленькой статье я просто привожу примеры некоторых вопросов в секции Reading в новом SAT (с 2016 года). Когда вы ознакомитесь с ними, у вас будет определенное представление о природе этих вопросов. Если вы знакомы с вопросами для старого теста SAT, вам будет интересно сравнить старые и новые вопросы.

Я привожу 10 вопросов к одному из текстов на новом SAT. Всего в секции Reading 52 вопроса, но многие из них похожи друг на друга. Если вы хотите познакомиться с ними поближе, прочесть текст и даже попытаться ответить, посмотрите мое видео на YouTube, которое я привожу ниже.

Итак, примеры вопросов:

1. Which choice best describes what happens in the
A) One character argues with another character
who intrudes on her home.
B) One character receives a surprising request from
another character.
C) One character reminisces about choices she has
made over the years.
D) One character criticizes another character for
pursuing an unexpected course of action.

2. Which choice best describes the developmental
pattern of the passage?
A) A careful analysis of a traditional practice
B) A detailed depiction of a meaningful encounter
C) A definitive response to a series of questions
D) A cheerful recounting of an amusing anecdote

3. As used in line 1 and line 65, “directly” most
nearly means
A) frankly.
B) confidently.
C) without mediation.
D) with precision.

4. Which reaction does Akira most fear from Chie?
A) She will consider his proposal inappropriate.
B) She will mistake his earnestness for immaturity.
C) She will consider his unscheduled visit an
D) She will underestimate the sincerity of his

5. Which choice provides the best evidence for the
answer to the previous question?
A) Line 33 (“His voice . . . refined”)
B) Lines 49-51 (“You . . . mind”)
C) Lines 63-64 (“Please . . . proposal”)
D) Lines 71-72 (“Eager . . . face”)

6. In the passage, Akira addresses Chie with
A) affection but not genuine love.
B) objectivity but not complete impartiality.
C) amusement but not mocking disparagement.
D) respect but not utter deference.

7. The main purpose of the first paragraph is to
A) describe a culture.
B) criticize a tradition.
C) question a suggestion.
D) analyze a reaction.

8. As used in line 2, “form” most nearly means
A) appearance.
B) custom.
C) structure.
D) nature.

9. Why does Akira say his meeting with Chie is
“a matter of urgency” (line 32)?
A) He fears that his own parents will disapprove of
B) He worries that Naomi will reject him and marry
someone else.
C) He has been offered an attractive job in another
D) He knows that Chie is unaware of his feelings for

10. Which choice provides the best evidence for the
answer to the previous question?
A) Line 39 (“I don’t . . . you”)
B) Lines 39-42 (“Normally . . . community”)
C) Lines 58-59 (“Depending . . . Japan”)
D) Lines 72-73 (“I see . . . you”)

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