Beat about/around the bush

Автор: Дмитрий Коропенко

Beat about/around the bush – перевод (приблизительный): ходить вокруг да около; говорить намеками; уклоняться от ответа; не говорить по сути; лить воду.

Beat about/around the bush – to avoid talking about a difficult or embarrassing subject directly; to avoid coming to the point; not to say clearly what you mean and try to make it hard to understand.


Some sentences for you to consider:

1. Don’t beat about the bush. Tell me directly where my money is.

2. You don’t seem to me a kind of a person to beat about the bush.

3. Instead of beating around the bush, you can proceed to the matter right away.

4. To soothe her feelings, I started beating about the bush.

5. It was just him who didn’t beat around the bush.

Now try to create several of your sentences with the idiom “Beat about the bush”.





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