Идиомы: by all means / by any means / by no means

Три красивые идиомы: by all means – be any means – by no means

Здравствуйте, сегодня у нас на рассмотрении три сестрички-идиомы, основанные на слове MEANS. Мы их переведем, объясним на английском, рассмотрим несколько примеров для каждой идиомки, и, наконец, попросим вас употреблять эти красивые фразы в речи и письме.:)

Итак, первая идиома на рассмотрении:

by all means

Перевод by all means на русский язык:

– абсолютно, однозначно, полностью

– конечно, определенно.

By all means = without fail, certainly, of course, unquestionably, without hesitation.


1. Can I visit you and have a look at your new apartment? – Sure, by all means!

2. Come with us by all means!

3. By all means, go to the doctor today!

by any means

Перевод by any means на русский язык:

– любым способом; чего бы это ни стоило.

By any means = no matter how; in any possible way; to any extent


1. We need to get to school soon by any means.

2. I need to pass this test by any means, whether fair or unfair.

3. She is not by any means an easy-going girl.

by no means

Перевод by no means на русский язык:

– никоим образом; вовсе нет; абсолютно нет.

By no means = absolutely not; certainly not; in no way; absolutely not.


1. Don’t you mind coming with us? – By no means!

2. Tell me honestly, the book is a botch? – By no means! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3. She is by no means a poor lady – she is quite rich.


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