Why I love online English tutoring

The benefits of online English learning for both the teacher and the student.

Online English tutoring

I am an English teacher. A professional one. Even an experienced one, I dare say.

Also, being a person capable of making generalizations from the accumulated data, I cannot help appreciating the epoch we ale living in – the age of computer technologies. Yes, indeed, we are bestowed with informational bounty, such a plentiful one which the ancient thinkers and scholars wouldn’t even have dared dream about. Just think about it: any shade of thought, any exquisite whim of enquiry – all this is abundantly met and covered by the Internet resources. One instance, and you are already aware of whatever you desire to cognise, from the intimate juicy details up to nuclear physics or esoterics – just click the button, and the miracle unfolds before you. I am sure, most of the younger generation fail to at least partially appreciate the informational paradise they have been born to. They just enjoy it involuntarily.

Teaching is deemed by many one of the most challenging pursuits in our life. Despite low remuneration levels worldwide, teachers and tutors mold young personalities into developed shapes of educated citizens. One cannot overestimate the importance of professional teaching, let alone effective instruction. To be a really helpful teacher, you should embrace the traits of a high-qualified specialist as well as some zips of a genius.

Thankfully, I find myself in a tutoring Eden today. Due to the Internet, I can filter and select the best, the superb, the brilliant materials for my dear students. I am as free as a bird in the sky of teaching methodology. Still, to make me even more overwhelmed with joy, God has given me a unique opportunity to teach online.

Online lessons – just think of it, try to conceive of the bliss we are rejoicing in! I can help anybody on the planet, whether in Australia or Russia, right now, right reclining in my favourite chair and sipping coffee. And the student, he is delighted also because he enwraps himself with the comfort of his own dwelling where every nook is whispering subtle chants of love to him. We are both free. We are both comfortable and confident. We both feel safe, focused on the lesson, and still feel all fibers of each other via the screen and speakers.

It is possible now to teach everything online, from organic chemistry to singing. As I specialise in English tutoring, it is but logical that I know a lot about teaching guys and training them for tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and others. When about 10 years ago I commenced tutoring people on Skype, I had some hesitations and doubts as to the effect of online tutoring. They faded away within the first month or so. The more I tutor students online, the more I dote on it. Online teaching is the new era of instruction and a paragon of effeciency for those who use it and explores its depths.

Imagine: you can find and start learning with your favourite tutor from all over the globe right now! You can easily exchange materials and assignments with him through messaging or screen sharing. You can be clad in your soft pajamas or be naked exposing only the upper part of your torso.))) You can half-lie on bed or stand erect in the centre of the room – every aspect can be tuned to boost the effeiciency of the lesson. You do not have to commute to the tutor through the whole city or expect him while he is making his way through traffic jams. You do not even have to tidy up your room – let the mess dominate, if it gives you pleasure.

The online English learning session can be conducted with or without video, each of the modes boasting its own merits. I have noticed that you focus on the teacher’s words even more than while regular face-to-face lessons simultaneously being free of the extranuous anxiety pertinent to stationary sessions when you sit next to each other.

Scheduling your online Skype lessons is also easy given that nobody has to travel back and forth. Sometimes we study at night. Once in a while we welcome each other in the early morning squeezing hot coffee cups in front of the camera.

So, online tutoring is a bliss. Believe it or not, I hold it as a gem for myself. Online English lessons, whether general training or TOEFL, IELTS, SAT preparation, turn teachers’ jobs into pleasure.

Be yours brilliant English!

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