The one and only way to enjoy English literature

English literature in the original

Hi, my dear reader, today I want to share with you one idea that pops to my mind from time to time, and to be more specific, how we can embrace the beauty of the English literature. By the English literature I mean literary works executed in English (not their translations).

Sometimes I read opinions of literary critics who critique works by English writers. The critics vary in their attitudes and assessments, but the problem is, they are not English-speaking people! I mean, they read literary works in translation! So, let us think for an instant, whether is it possible to conceive a novel by Conan Doyle, if you study it through the translation into Russian? In my opinion, it is impossible.

When you say something like “I enjoy Mark Twain” while reading him in translation, you should realise that you get pleasure not so much from Mark Twain’s genius as from the talent of the translator. Really, how can you know what Twain has written if you are reading entirely different structures, vocabulary, approaches of another language? Thus, instead of saying how we like Walter Scott, we better say that we admire the translation of Scott by some translator.

That said, I think you understand that the only way to appreciate the power and the beauty of the English literature is to read it in the original, period! So, if you know that your level of English is a bit too low to float on the lines of written word in English, it is high time now to develop your English. Maybe the progress will not be so rapid as you desire, and still once you commence improving, you are sure to feel the difference. In a while you will be able to fully comprehend the power of the English literature.

Some psychologists and linguists say that the pleasure from the rhythmic English word can be compared to that received from listening to wonderful music or observing great paintings. I experience this delight often and highly recommend you to try. You will like it.

Be yours easy fluent English!

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