Tall Order (idiom)

Автор: Дмитрий Коропенко

Tall order (идиома)

Перевод (приблизительный): очень большая просьба; трудновыполнимая просьба; трудновыполнимое условие.

Tall order: meaning: a kind of a request that is difficult to fulfill; a formidable task or requirement; an assignment or task which is difficult or seems impossible to accomplish, a difficult challenge.

Some examples:

1. Your request is a tall order, Michael, but it is not out of the question.

2. Completing that task and submitting it on time was a tall order but I managed to pull myself together and do it.

3. Two of us programming and maintaining four products within one month has been a tall order.

4. You want me to translate all of this in one day? That’s a pretty tall order.

Now produce several of your own examples with this idiom – Tall order.

Теперь сочините несколько своих примеров предложений с идиомой “Tall order“.

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