She Dried Up – An Anecdote

“She Dried Up” – A Funny Story

The occupants of a Pullman sleeper were diligently trying to get some rest, but could not. There was a very thirsty woman in one of the berths who kept the whole car awake by her perpetual song of—“Oh, I am so dry. I am so dry. My, but I am dry. Dear me, what shall I do? I am so dry.”

“Hello, Porter!” at last sang out a gentleman across the way, “For Heaven’s sake give that woman some ice water, and plenty of it. I want to get some sleep.”

The Porter brought a glass of water. He brought a second glass. She drank them both—and took up her song afresh

“My, but I was dry. I was so dry. I never was so dry in all my life. Dear me, but I was dry.”

“Oh, Great Scott, woman,” sang out the man across the way, “dry up, and let me sleep!”


Некоторые интересные и полезные фразы с синонимами и переводом (приблизительным):

– occupants of a Pullman sleeper – passengers of a comfortable carriage “Pullman” – пассажиры спального вагона фирмы “Пульман”;

– were diligently trying – were trying persistently; were trying so much – пытались изо всех сил;

– one of the berths – one of the bunks; one of the places for sleeping in a carriage – одна из коек в вагоне;

– by her perpetual song – by her constant singing a song – из-за того, что она беспрестанно напевала песню;

– For Heaven’s sake – for God’s sake – Ради Бога!;

–  took up her song afresh – started singing that song again – запела свою песню снова;

– Great Scott! – Oh my God! – О Боже Мой!;

– dry up – shut up – заткнись; замолчи!


До встречи!


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