Говорить как языконоситель (Speak Like Native Speakers Do) – Часть 3

Говорим как языконоситель часть 3.

Автор: Дмитрий Коропенко

Уровень английского: начальный средний и выше.

Добрый день, друзья!

Сегодня тема для рассмотрения –

OUR STUDIES/EDUCATION – Наше образование

Imagine yourself answering the following questions:

1. Where are you studying?

2. What are you studying?

3. What have you studied?

4. Why did you choose that major?

5. Do you plan to continue your education? How and why?

6. What are you most proud of in your educational experience?

7. What would you like to do after your studies?

8. What do you like about your studies?

9. What subject are you majoring in?

10. What is your field of studies?


Now, think about what you would like to answer to these questions and consider the following useful word-combinations:

– branch of learning;

– field of study;

– succeed in one’s studies;

– become professional/skilled in this area;

– highly regarded teacher;

– pass with flying colors (idiom);

– sail through (idiom and phrasal verb);

– cross the bridge when someone comes to it;

– academic research;

– educational background;

– high/low grade point average;

– experience affects the personality;

– academic pursuits.


Вы можете использовать вопросы об образовании в любом порядке как ключевые пункты вашего рассказа.

Приведенные выше словосочетания украсят до определенной степени ваш монолог.

Некоторые примеры использования данных английских словосочетаний:

1. Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets were the teams with more highly-regarded defenses than New Orleans.

2. After serving as a piano teacher and highly-regarded accompanist, she graduated from the Law School and practiced law for several years in New York.

3. Apart from him, some highly-regarded novelists come in for their share of criticism.

4. You will pass your exams with flying colors, so do not worry.

5. He is confident that Mary will pass the first of those hurdles with flying colours.

6. Our new ship has come through her first storm with flying colours.

7. It is just amazing how she managed to sail through her exams!

8. Don’t worry about your job interview tomorrow, my gut tells me you’ll sail through it.

9.  “Don’t cross the bridge till you come to it, is a proverb old and of excellent wit.” (H.W. Longfellow)

10. We will sure sell the house for a normal price. Why are you worrying? We will cross the bridge when we come to it.


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