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Tall Order (idiom)

Автор: Дмитрий Коропенко

Tall order (идиома)

Перевод (приблизительный): очень большая просьба; трудновыполнимая просьба; трудновыполнимое условие.

Tall order: meaning: a kind of a request that is difficult to fulfill; a formidable task or requirement; an assignment or task which is difficult or seems impossible to accomplish, a difficult challenge.

Some examples:

1. Your request is a tall order, Michael, but it is not out of the question.

2. Completing that task and submitting it on time was a tall order but I managed to pull myself together and do it.

3. Two of us programming and maintaining four products within one month has been a tall order.

4. You want me to translate all of this in one day? That’s a pretty tall order.

Now produce several of your own examples with this idiom – Tall order.

Теперь сочините несколько своих примеров предложений с идиомой “Tall order“.

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Take it easy

Автор: Дмитрий Коропенко

Уровень: начальный средний и выше

Take it easy.

Перевод: (приблизительный) 1. Успокойся, расслабься. 2. До свидания и береги себя. 3. Будь нежным, аккуратным (с кем-то или чем-то).

Meaning: Relax, calm down; Good-bye and be careful; Be gentle and careful with somebody or something.


1. Bye-bye, Paul, and take it easy, will you? – Yes, I will, I promise.

2. Come on, take it easy! I am not a superman, so I’m tired. Let’s move the sofa later on.

3. Take it easy during the trip! No jumping across the rivers or climbing tall trees or anything.

4. Take it easy, Matt, what’s wrong? Calm down!

5. Just take it easy with your hometask. Don’t overstrain. Do little by little.

Теперь придумайте 2-3 своих предложения с идиомой “Take it easy“.